I offer an affiliate program to students who have taken the Monogamy Detox, and some of my relationship coaching and sex educator colleagues.

With this affiliate program you will receive a 20% commission from every sale you have helped me make.

Step 1

If you don’t already have an account, please set up an account on Coursecraft. You can use your Facebook or Gmail to set this up.

Step 2

Email me at melina@radicalrelationshipcoaching.ca letting me know you’d like to join the affiliate program. I’ll add you in on my end, and you’ll get an email confirming you’ve been added as an affiliate.

Step 3

Log in to Coursecraft.¬†You’ll see a new page available to you where you can access your unique affiliate URL to share with your friends, and see updates about your total commissions!


What Percentage Commission will I make?

I am offering 20% commission for all affiliates.

What happens if someone clicks 2 links from different affiliates?

The last link clicked takes precedence.

When and how are affiliates paid?

When course registration closes I will contact you to arrange payment, either via Paypal or e-transfer. If you need a different format for payment, let’s chat!

What about promo codes?

Promo codes affect the price paid, so they also affect commission earned. Your percentage commission is based on the total paid after any promo discounts.


More Questions?

Send me an email at melina@radicalrelationshipcoaching.ca